Clothes and food donated in remembrance of Quentin Clark

Thank you to Fox21 News for doing this piece on us.

In the spirit of “it takes a village,” the Southern Colorado community united on Monday, Dec. 18 to bring holiday cheer as well as basic necessities to people experiencing homelessness.

This was all in an effort to remember one man, Quentin Clark, who had a profound impact on those with whom he crossed paths.

“Honestly, I think he would be so proud of us just knowing that we are trying to continue, just his giving spirit,” said Laura Rupejko.

Rupejko, along with a group of other women, had been moved by the compassionate nature of Quentin Clark, and a giving event was created.

“We have collected probably almost 100 coats, probably 100 pairs of socks, hats. We have shoes, we have blankets, we have scarves, we have hand warmers,” Rupejko eagerly shared. “I mean just whatever we can do because we just want to give, we just want to be able to help people as much as we can.”

Their vision came to life thanks to the help of Westside Cares and Food Trucks Against Homelessness, working together to provide warm meals and new clothes to those in need.

“We’ve been partnering with Food Trucks Against Homelessness and Westside Cares, and we are just giving everything out,” Rupejko said. “People can kind of just come and pick through whatever they want and then there’s a food truck over here that’s going to be donating 80 to 100 meals this morning.”

A special surprise was in store for many as a flash mob was performed by Rupejko and several others to honor their friend Quentin.

“He suddenly passed away and he was such a kind and generous person that we really just wanted to continue his legacy of that,” Rupejko said. “So being able to kind of rally together and I love that what he did for us, like, kept us all together, even with him being gone.”

Besides the sounds of holiday music, smells of home cooked shepherd’s pie filled the air, and one by one, people waited in line outside the food truck These Girls Got Beef to get a delicious bite to eat. Tracey Porter, the founder of Food Trucks Against Homelessness, shared the significance these meals hold for those in attendance.

“To be able to give a warm meal on a Monday is so important,” Porter said. “Nutrition is so important, to give us good rest and whatnot and our food truck that constantly supports us is These Girls Got Beef.”

Smiles were exchanged as warm boxes of food were placed into the hands of those in need. It is the empathy and generosity of others that makes events like the one on Monday morning possible.

“I can’t do it without my community,” Porter said. “I mean, it’s plain and simple that’s why it’s the most important thing. I’m just the boots on the ground and then I have my beautiful volunteers that are here to help me out, but I need everybody to help me out. So, it’s a community thing.”

During the season of giving, you can help support the mission of Food Trucks Against Homelessness through donations, and the group is also looking for more food trucks to come out and cook for the community.

“We’re always needing monetary donations to pay our food trucks for the service that they do and to get donated items,” Porter said. “Or you can just donate items such as socks, new underwear, hand warmers, etc.”

“It’s all just people at the end of the day. And the most important thing is to acknowledge them because they are humans just like us. And that in itself, I can’t tell you how much that changes their lives.”

As for the future of this event, Rupejko smiled and said she hopes the Quentin Clark giving project will happen every year.