🤗 Sharing Meals, Sharing Hope 🤝 Volunteer Hub

Thank you to Colorado Springs Town Tidings for doing this piece on FTAH.

❤️ Dignity Beyond Labels

The simple act of sharing a meal can have a profound impact, especially for those experiencing homelessness – or as Tracey Porter, founder of Food Trucks Against Homelessness (FTAH) prefers, ‘houselessness.’ Tracey feels that the term ‘homeless’ is a label with negative connotations, diminishing the fact that these are individuals without a steady roof and four walls, deserving of dignity and respect. Their sense of belonging and support, stimulated through inclusion and understanding, is what empowers them to create possibilities for a brighter future.

Driven by her own experiences overcoming hurdles in life with the support of a caring community, Tracey established FTAH in 2021 to provide sustenance and hope to those in need…currently funded 100% by donations and fundraising. 🙏

FTAH’s unique approach partners with local food trucks to serve hot meals every Monday in the Westside CARES parking lot, where individuals actually have a physical mailing address. They come here to access essential services and pick up their mail. FTAH’s presence at this location offering not just food 🍔 but also conversation, essential supplies 🧤🧣, and a chance to connect, fosters a sense of normalcy and uplifting experience for those they serve.

One woman’s heartwarming journey, after experiencing houselessness, found support and a sense of community through the organization. With each hot meal, friendly conversation, and helping hand, she gained the strength and resources to eventually secure a place of her own. Her expression of gratitude to Tracey caused them both to tear up and solidified the profound, lasting impact created by FTAH. 🤗

Inspired by Tracey’s dedication and the transformative power of shared meals. Help FTAH make a tangible difference—one meal, one Monday, one life at a time. 🌟

Want to get involved? Visit their website and explore volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and ways to donate. Have questions? Give Tracey a call, 📱 719-888-9155 or email. 📧